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by Lincoln

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1. Ваше прозвище (имя, ник): Lincoln
2. Кто ваш персонаж (если фурри указываем вид): Wolf
3. Ваш пол (муж., жен. и т.д.): male
4. Возраст:( от 1 года до 80 лет.) 19
5. Рост: 6'2" (187,5 cm)
6. Сексуальня ориентация: natural
7. Внешность (описать внешность, только аватаром не отделаетесь, не менее 3 строк): tall person with silver & beige fur on my armz & legz,green eyez, sometimez my cloth is camo jeanz & jacket,green cap & Nike shoez...as for me i ain't so strong,but my power is in very good shootin' & drivin',otherwise i'v 2 not big scarz on my chest & incorrectly fused left tibia(after car accident in 2009) that's why sometimes I feel pain in my leg and limp...
8. Характер (не менее 5 строк): i try to be calm..also i'm quiet,prefer lonelyness & silence,sometimez i can be rather evil,but it happenz very seldom,'cause someone could anger me,that's why i try to avoid society..also i'm rather lazy,i like alcohol(that's my trouble,but i'm very calm while drunk) & also can drive under alcohol...I like modern technologiez,Internet,carz & computerz,that's why I'm dependent on the technologiez of the modern world,despite the fact that I'm da wolf;i can be sociable to da extent,but don't need to...Mostly I'm responsible business partner (that's da cost of my work) & I can't betray my partnerz,I prefer to keep silence & do my job,but I won't let anyone to mess up with me...I'm inclined to suspect my environment in infamy and possible treason,& many think I'm too closed and mistrustful,but it's all due to da fact that I was repeatedly betrayed by those whom I thought were my close friends and people I trusted as myself
9. Уязвимые места и фобии (в этом мире ничего бояться не получится): i'm afraid of spiderz; high pricez for gas; strong frost; to get lost on wide & wild locationz without GPS navigator or somethin'
10. Какое оружие у вас имеется при себе(не более 2-ух видов и не более 1-й единицы каждого, если они разные): one ingram mac-10 with bullets with the displaced centre of gravity & standart Glock 19C - that's enough for me
11. Какой магией пользуетесь ( Не более 5ти способностей. Исключение составляет только магия, не действующая не других персонажей иначе - "Бытовая" ): Capacity to repair  American cars in any conditionz
12. Какая ещё амуниция может у вас быть ( магические книги, дополнительное оружие в доме, одежда, броня, итп): Ford F350 ( also it's my home at da moment)
13. Биография (не менее 5 строк): was born in Miami,Florida,lived here under age of 18.There i studied for auto mechanic & tuner - carz are my passion - I worked for a long time in local Tuning Center,carz I tune was kinda masterpiece,but competitors has decided to eliminate our successful company in Miami,there was organized fraud, many employees were arrested and only me, by happy coincidence, managed to escape from the Miami...I moved to Pittsburg,Pennsylvania,'cause i still had there one person,who was very good friend of mine.I opened business in rental garage,customized my favourite american carz..I thought life became nice again,I earned dollarz,bought here great Ford F350...But i couldn't know that my lil' happinezz won't continue for a long time...Enviousez got me here,they told da police that I was replacin' VIN number of engines,number platez of carz with a criminal past, then to sell 'em..Of course i could prove my innocence,but i understood that it's just first stepz of this undeclared business war...
14. Личные НПС (Например: брат, сестра, коллеги, друзья, родители и.т.д То есть те игроки за которых вы будете отыгрывать сами и которые будут принимать активное участие в игре.) Включить в описание имя, внешность, характер, какими способностями обладает. Если НПС нету ставим прочерк: --
15. Пробное сообщение (о том как вы очутились в этом мире, не менее 5 строк):
Late evenin' i putted all my non numerouz belongingz inside my truck,got da engine i drived throught Locust street to somewhere my eyez saw...Didn't know why i do that,where should i drive,but i drived...Rain started very unexpectedly,amplyfyin' in due course...Road became more wet,reflecting itself firez of evenin' city...I need to get out from diz city,which was like home for me for this year...Problemz,occured due last 2 weekz,hadn't left me any choise...Someone wanned me dead,but i don't wanna give da pleasure in it....Now i got out from Pittsburg,but later...i'll find him & i'll revenge...But now I gotta tink 'bout more important thingz: I'v only half gas tank of fuel,I wanna eat,I'v only 2435$ in my wallet & I don't know how long I'll have to wander...
16. Откуда узнали о форум: direct link from one of groupz from vk.com

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You IP is registered in Moscow. Why you write in English?



what's bad if i'd speak english??)))i'm still full of impressionz 'bout life in USA...If ya feel inconviniense i can speak russian
P.S I corrected my profile



Many players don't know so well English language.



soo..okay..russian...What 'bout my profile??Am I accepted?



И еще раз повторю то, что уже сказано Неро. Если хотите общаться и играть на форуме придется использовать русский. Это однозначно.


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